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When it comes to our mobile app design and development process for iPhone and Android apps, we put the customer in the center of the experience. Our startup and enterprise mobile apps are always stylish, refined and elegant.

The future is mobile

The future is here – the future is mobile and portable. Mobile Apps tap into the huge growth in mobile internet consumption and are predicted to overtake desktop by 2016. There were over 100 million smart phone users in 2010 and by 2013 there are predicted to be nearly 1 billion users worldwide. Bespoke information can be available anywhere, anytime, boosting productivity and interacting with consumers and businesses through these Apps..

Mobile Apps are now, and without doubt, the preferred way for people with mobile devices to interact with businesses and this will only increase. KD Web are always at the cutting edge of technology and have transferred our considerable expertise in website design to the mobile App market. We take our unrivalled design and web development experience and apply it to this fantastic new platform by employing specially trained professional App developers.

Development of Mobile Apps

  • Concept Analysis: We make sure that your mobile app is a great concept and will help you to hone the idea to perfection. We’ll blueprint it for you and ensure that the idea is a great one before implementing.
  • Wireframing: We build a complete wireframe for your app before investing time in design and development. This is a key stage of bringing your idea to reality, when you can see your app on paper before the development stage.
  • App Design: Our team of experts will design a great looking, usable app for your business. We’ll also work through the entire development process, turning it from a rough outline to a polished product.
  • App Development: Whether you want rich graphics or data-centric content, our software developers can help create a truly innovative app.
  • App Testing: It’s important to know that your product works. That’s why we road test it thoroughly, making sure that it is performing to an optimum level.
  • App Publishing: Getting your app to market can sometimes be a complex process. We’re well versed in getting your app to the stores and can take on this job for you.

Marketing for Mobile Apps

  • Mobile App Promotion: It’s great having a fantastic app, but not so great if no-one knows about it. Let us help you to actively promote it via social media, review sites and press releases, to create a real buzz for your product.
  • Thorough Analysis of Competitors: We’ll take the time to research your competitors and analyse just how they’re achieving good results with their app.
  • Mobile App Market / Store Wise Rankings: App stores often have a ranking system. We’ll make sure that your app is visible to your target market.

Reviewing Mobile Apps

  • Reports: When it comes to mobile apps, we’re adept at knowing what works and what doesn’t. We’ll create detailed reports regarding design and layout and any other areas of concern, and recommend practical ways of perfecting your app.
  • Mobile App Content Audit: We’ll examine your app, down to the finest detail, to ensure that every detail is working on optimum to get results for your company.